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Thursday, February 16
12:00 PM
Registration Opens and Exhibitor Booths Open
1:30 PM
Keynote Presentation

A Sustainable Roadmap for Louisiana-CCUS, Hydrogen & Beyond

Dr. John Flake, Cain Department of Engineering, Louisiana State University

Louisiana's refineries and chemical plants stand at a crossroads. The major refineries and chemical manufacturers have committed to zero CO2 emissions by 2050, but the path isn't clear. In this talk we consider the future of Louisiana's energy and manufacturing sector including strategies to lower carbon emissions while growing sustainable manufacturing.

2:15 PM
Break and Exhibitor Booths Open
2:30 PM
TEC Talks
Virtual Reality: How Can It Benefit You?
Cody Louviere, King Crow Studios

Virtual Reality has disrupted training across the globe by offering faster training times, ease of access to specialized and dangerous training, and higher information retention from trainees. These are just a few ways VR can optimize your company's training process. We'll go into the empirical benefits of VR training and how it can affect your bottom line.

Designing Hyper-Aware Industrial Facilities
Dale Oldenkamp, HPE Aruba Networking

Secure infrastructure and partner solutions for chemical, defense, food & beverage, logistics, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharma, transportation, and utility applications. At its core, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an amalgamation of machines in the physical world, logical representations of the physical phenomena acted upon by those machines (voltage, temperature, flow, speed), contextual data generated by networks connecting the machines (identity, location, applications in use), and business applications that analyze, mine, share, and respond to those data. In Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems the machines and applications are tailored to factories, process operations, material handling, transportation, utility services, and logistics. Utilizing a common platform to securely interface IIoT devices and generate contextual information key to a successful IIoT strategy. A unified infrastructure used in conjunction with solutions from key technology partners - enables industrial facilities to successfully deploy and exploit IIoT solutions. The richer the set of available data and context, the greater the opportunities to optimize operations, implement predictive maintenance, optimize inventory, bolster health and safety, and maximize human productivity.

The Future of Safety Today
Tadeo Huerta, Detect Technologies

In industries across the globe, worker safety is a massive unsolved global problem leading to 340 million occupational accidents annually, accounting for over 1.2 trillion USD in estimated losses. The post pandemic world has seen many businesses try to adapt to an increasingly digital world with employee safety and well-being replacing many pre-existing priorities. Businesses that thrive in this new age have realized that prioritizing safety in the workplace is pre-requisite for operational excellence.

Ubiquitous Sensing and the Impact on Your Planet

Ubiquitous sensing utilizes smart sensors which take input and data from monitored items and connects all items in an extended infrastructure. Utilizing ubiquitous sensing at your plant operations can have a significant impact on your plant operations. Ubiquitous sensor networks add scalability through wireless mesh networking and the use of smart tags. These sensing networks are fault tolerant and can include many automation capabilities including real-time location awareness, intrusion detection, security, location and asset status monitoring and tracking. This intelligent sensing technology is one element of the developing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in which almost any imaginable item can be made intelligent and given the ability to transmit data and create an intelligent plant infrastructure. In this presentation we will discuss how intelligent sensors are changing the way facilities manage their operations and the possible use cases for your plant.​

Venkat Bahl, Trackonomy Systems
IIoT's Increasing Ease of Use: Moving Past Proof of Concepts to Delivering Statewide Value
Michael Brauer, BBP
Virtual Desktops & Apps in the Modern Plant of the Future
Huzu Saifee, Nutanix

Various manufacturing and industrial companies need to enable access to their sensitive and proprietary data via applications and desktops. Organizations need to provide this access to their employees as well as third party resources and ensure their data is not stolen or lost while also enabling their users to be able to access this data easily from various locations and various devices so they can continue to focus on their core work. The presentation will focus on how Nutanix Frame, which is a modern virtual desktop solution enables exactly this for its customers. The ability to connect to your apps and data easily, quickly, and securely from any device.

4:00 PM
Break and Exhibitor Booths Open
4:15 PM
Keynote Presentation
Beth Holland, Vice President & Project Execution Owner, BASF
5:00 PM
Cocktail Reception and Exhibitor Booths Open
Dinner on your own.
Friday, February 17
7:45 AM
Breakfast and Exhibitor Booths Open
8:30 AM
Change Management: Delivering Value through People & Technology
Julie Heinz, ExxonMobil
Keynote Presentation

In this talk, we will discuss the value of the people side of change. The delivery of a technology does not itself deliver value if the technology is not adopted by the users. This talk reinforces the importance of focusing on both the technical and people sides of a change.

9:15 AM
Break and Exhibitor Booths Open
TEC Talks
A Virtual Environment for Training Bolted Assembly with Different Bolts
Alton Jamison, TEADIT

The Virtual Gasket Assembly (VGA) application has been developed to simulate the behavior of a gasketed flange joint in real-time.

Using Technology to Enhance the Worker's Experience Journey while Improving Safety & Production
John Toups, JW Toups

How to use technology to follow the worker experience journey to help the workers feel connected, they belong, they matter, and are safe to speak up. Technology can enhance the way the job brings meaning into the life of the worker while dramatically improving safety and productivity.


Structuring the Unstructurable: Chat GPT-3 in the Plant with Digital Twins

Eric Allen, EI

Chat GPT-3 has been making waves in the tech world over the past few months, how we leverage it in the Oil and Gas industry? Ei will share our vision for how generative AI can help modernize Oil and Gas operations, as well as share the success and challenges Ei is having in adapting GPT-3 and other AI technology into the plant via our Digital Twin.

Transforming the Industrial Workforce with Knowledge Automation
Clint Jeffus, Voovio

Our industry is losing experienced people daily, who are being replaced by a new workforce, creating a ‘gap’ of operational knowledge - Knowledge Automation is closing this knowledge gap by acting as a virtual SME, as well as building and tracking competency for key operations and maintenance activities - This Knowledge Automation platform is proven to dramatically improve the way people master their jobs and how manufacturers can identify and fix competency gaps in: Production unit operations in the process industry, Truck and railcar loading / unloading operations, Discrete manufacturing operations & Maintenance overhauls and TAR activities.

Making 3D Data and Digital Twins Actionable
Brandon Foreman, NSPECT

NSPECT is a virtual inspection tool utilizing 3D models to record inspections, communicate actions and document compliance. Allowing experts to virtually NSPECT buildings, products and brands using a simple set of tools that can be mastered in less than an hour. Benefits of incorporating 3D modeling into your inspection process. How you can enhance your existing inspection processes.

Connectivity: The Foundation for Pivoting to Industry 4.0
M S Benbow & Associates Engineering Consultants

As industrial environments expand their transformation into IIoT, robust network infrastructure becomes crucial in laying the groundwork for how teams communicate and operate locally, regionally, and internationally. Having the ability to connect people, systems, devices, and data in real time can influence the velocity of how a company operates. With the growth of connectivity, the need for effective Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity also increases. M S Benbow & Associates will discuss how connectivity is the foundation for pivoting to IIoT, and the role OT Cybersecurity plays in risk management.

11:00 AM
Break and Exhibitor Booths Open
11:15 AM
Closing Keynote Presentation
What's Next?
David Mustain, Shell

The purpose of Tec-Next is to “see the latest, learn from each other, and envision what’s next.”  This requires reflection, humility, and careful consideration of external influences.  Leaders must focus on foundational work, encourage experimentation, & replicate at scale to succeed.  Learn about Shell’s Digital Journey and prepare yourself to pivot from insight to action. 

11:45 AM
Closing Remarks
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